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Why Retailers are Now Irresistibly Popular Targets to Hack

Hey there, savvy business owners! Let’s have a little chat about something super crucial—ransomware. Retailers, you’re sitting on goldmines, and unfortunately, that makes you prime targets for cybercriminals. Let’s break it down in simple terms so you can keep your business safe and sound.

The Rising Threat of Ransomware

Imagine ransomware as a swarm of locusts, doubling in number from 2,700 in 2022 to nearly 4,900 in 2023. It’s a relentless wave that’s putting every retailer on high alert. Those point-of-sale systems and stacks of customer data? They’re like honey to these cyber bees (source) (source).

Simple line art illustration of a small business storefront with a shadowy figure in the background, representing the increasing threat of ransomware attacks.
Ransomware attacks are on the rise, putting retailers at higher risk.

Why Retailers are Prime Targets

Think about all the valuable info you collect—credit card details, personal data—you name it. Hackers can sell this stuff or use it for fraud. Plus, many retailers are connected through systems that might not be locked up tight, making it easier for cyber thieves to slip in and raid the jar (source) (source).

The Professionalization of Cybercrime

Here’s the creepy part: cybercrime is becoming super organized. Think of Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS) like a shady business in the dark alley of the internet. Even the least skilled hackers can rent these tools and launch attacks, turning the online world into the Wild West (source).

The Staggering Financial Impact

Now, let’s talk dollars and cents. Recovering from a ransomware attack is like having your wallet emptied by a pickpocket in a crowded market. On average, it costs around $2.73 million. This includes the ransom, data restoration, legal fees, and bolstering security afterward. For small and mid-sized retailers, this can be a financial knockout punch (source).

Simple line art illustration of a small business storefront with a shadowy figure looking through the window, symbolizing detailed examination of real-world examples and threats.
Examining real-world ransomware cases helps understand the impact and response strategies.

E-Land: A Retail Giant’s Struggle

Take E-Land, a big retailer in South Korea. They were blindsided by the Clop ransomware gang and had to shutter 23 stores. It was like a domino effect, causing a cascade of financial and operational woes. Even with their best efforts, the disruption left scars that took time to heal (source).

NCR & ALPHV/BlackCat: A U.S. Perspective

Back in April 2023, NCR, the company behind many POS systems, got hit by the ALPHV/BlackCat group. Their Aloha POS platform was knocked out, creating chaos in dozens of fast-food restaurants that had to revert to pen and paper. It was like stepping back in time and boy, was it a mess (source).

Small Businesses: Not Immune

And let’s not forget the little guys. Tuck’s Candy Shop in New York and a family-owned bookstore in California were both hit hard. The ransomware attacks left them scrambling to recover, facing financial losses and disruptions that felt like being tossed around in a storm (source).

Simple line art illustration of a small business storefront with a shield and a check mark in front, symbolizing security and protection.
Implementing preventive measures can protect retailers from ransomware attacks.

Preventive Measures for Retailers

So, how do you batten down the hatches? Here are some steps you can take:

  1. Regular Data Backups: Back up your data regularly. It’s like having a lifeboat ready in case of a flood. Learn more about our Complete Business Backup services.
  2. Secure Point-of-Sale Systems: Keep your POS systems up-to-date with the latest security patches and use encryption to protect data. Explore our Advanced File Security solutions.
  3. Employee Education: Train your employees to recognize phishing attempts and other cyber threats. Think of it as teaching them to spot the wolf in sheep’s clothing. Read about our programs to keep your staff safe and devices safer.
  4. Invest in Security Software: Use reliable security software to detect and block ransomware attacks. It’s like having a security guard on duty 24/7. Check out our Ransomware Protection services.
  5. Implement Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA): Adding an extra layer of security makes it tougher for attackers to get in. It’s like having a double lock on your front door. Find out more about our MFA solutions.


    Retailers, it’s time to take action and shore up your defenses. With ransomware attacks on the rise, investing in strong security measures is more important than ever. Protect your business, protect your customers, and keep the wolves at bay.

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