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How Can I Protect My Business?

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How Can I Protect My Customers?

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File Security

Our Advanced File Security system guards your sensitive business files — from legal documents and financial records to audio, video, and database files — allowing only authorized access, securing file backups, and preventing illegal tampering from hackers.

With 82% of data breaches found to involve human error, often due to misconfigured file access permissions, Datafying’s relentless, 24/7 monitoring and proactive defenses are critical in protecting against expensive downtime, ensuring steady business operations and keeping your data intact (Expert Insights)​.

Datafying’s Data Armor

Our Data Armor system provides an elite 7-layer shield for all your apps — from Office 365 to Quickbooks — preventing data loss and saving vital company hours.

⦁ Secure All Your Office Apps
⦁ Meet Compliance Standards
⦁ Managed File Access, Secured Backups
⦁ Multiple Layers of Security

Imagine a system that adapts to your team’s daily needs: granting the right file access when they start, updating permissions as roles evolve, and actively logging every file activity. This continuous surveillance means we can instantly pinpoint and backtrack any unauthorized changes, offering a rapid response to help correct issues. Data Armor protects every existing application used in your business, from Google Workspace to HubSpot, keeping your operations efficient and your sensitive documents and files untouchable.

Our Identity and Access Management (IAM) system enforces who gets access to your data, ensuring only verified staff members can view sensitive files. Simultaneously, our Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) system meticulously logs all activities and changes within your network, creating an audit-ready trail and enabling instant alerts on any suspicious and potentially malicious activity. With numerous layers of security like this, you can rest assured our advanced file security system will keep your business protected from breaches and data theft.

Yes, our SIEM system continuously scans and logs every interaction with your files across the network. If an anomaly or unauthorized change is detected, we can trace the source down to the exact user and device, enabling you to take swift corrective action. Our partnered team of over 250 researchers is constantly updating our defenses based on the latest threat intelligence, which supports this forensic capability and offers trusted backup services that go beyond the industry standards.

Absolutely. Our file security integrates with all your essential business applications, from Microsoft Office to Freshbooks. Functioning silently in the background, it monitors and protects your digital files without interrupting system workflow and creating any employee downtime. With advanced threat detection supported by extensive research and our 400+ human analysts, you can trust your operations are secured around the clock.

Experience World-Class Security at a Small Business Price. Our “Secure 10 for $500” deal offers defense and file protection for up to 10 PCs. Need more? Let’s chat about custom solutions designed to your requirements, featuring flexible priced programs and exclusive add-ons that won’t break the bank or your budget. Contact us at [email protected] or call (470) 785-3035, or simply use the contact form to get started. Discover what the leaders in IT services for Paulding County and the Atlanta metro area can do about securing files and protecting your business.