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How Can I Protect My Customers?

We're pretty old school, I'm not sure we're up to code...

How Can I Protect My Business?

We had a vendor data breach recently...

Is My Business On The Darkweb?

Shine a Light on the Shadows

Ready to peer into the shadows and safeguard your precious business data? Our Dark Web Surveillance at Datafying Tech Services is your trusted ally in the digital depths. We bring powerful torches to illuminate—and eliminate—the hidden threats lurking in the dark web. Imagine having a guardian angel that’s always on the lookout for your data’s security, making sure your business stays safe and sound.

2FA and devices with 2FA are a key item to lower account theft but will not be enough on its own.

Never Miss a Beat

Want to stay one step ahead of cyber threats? Here’s how our Dark Web Surveillance keeps your credentials and data out of the wrong hands:

⦁ We watch over your data 24/7, because cyber threats never sleep.
⦁ Get immediate notifications if your data pops up where it shouldn’t.
⦁ We don’t just alert; we act to safeguard your information before it can be exploited.

Our Dark Web Surveillance uses advanced technology to scan the darkest corners of the internet. If your business credentials or sensitive data are detected, we’re on it—securing breaches and tightening defenses before any real harm can be done. It’s like having an ever-vigilant sentinel standing guard over your digital assets.

Absolutely! In fact, small businesses are often targets because attackers assume they have weaker defenses. Our service levels the playing field, offering enterprise-grade surveillance to businesses of all sizes.

Think of the dark web as a hidden marketplace for stolen data. Monitoring it helps us catch thieves in action, allowing us to secure your information swiftly and prevent misuse. It’s an essential part of a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy.

If we detect your data on the dark web, we spring into action! We’ll notify you immediately and guide you through the steps to secure your information, helping mitigate any potential damage swiftly and effectively.

Not at all! Our surveillance operates quietly in the background. You won’t notice any disruptions—just carry on with your business as usual, while we keep the watch.

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